Iva Návratová

Iva Návratová

Iva Návratová

Piano accompaniment

Iva Navratova – a pianist known for her poetic, sensitive and technically perfect playing, capturing the attention of both the audience and critics. Over the course of her career she has gained a reputation as not only as a brilliant virtuoso, but also and mostly as a regular piano partner with internationally proclaimed instrumentalists such as Federico Agostini, Charles Neidich, Radovan Vlatkovic, Christian Lindberg, Arife Gülsen Tatu, Ovidiu Badila, Michaela Fukacova, Helene Boulegue, Akio Koyama, Jeffrey Funderburg, Winfried Rademacher, Radek Baborak, to name a few.

Iva’s vast repertoire is spanning a large range of compositions for string and wind instruments with piano, as well as various chamber music formations ranging from Baroque to Modernism. In addition to her concert performances in Germany, where she has been living for over 30 years, she is regularly invited as a recognized and skilful piano accompanist into numerous international symposiums, festivals, competitions, and masterclasses. Iva has been a guest pianist in the USA, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China, Cuba, and in almost all European countries.

Another focus of her artistic activity lies in teaching. Iva Navratova began her teaching in her homeland, the Czechoslovak Republic. After her relocation into Germany to teach at the University of Music in Trossingen, she also engaged in the Schools of Music in Singen and Konstanz. In 2001 she appeared as a guest professor at the University of Northern Iowa, USA. Since 2002 she has been responsible for piano education at the Hohner Conservatory, Trossingen, which is considered a special, state-recognized institution educating future accordion teachers.

Born in Ostrava, this Czech pianist began her musical studies at the age of five. After graduation from the State Conservatory in her region, she proceeded to Prague, where she gained her Master of Arts degree at the Academy of Musical Arts (AMU) under the direction of the great teachers and performers, such as Professors Jan Panenka, Ivan Moravec and Zuzana Ruzickova (Bach).
During her studies, Iva Navratova participated in many national and international competitions, while she was already starting her career as a soloist, both in solo recitals and as a soloist with numerous symphonic and chamber orchestras, such as the Prague Symphony (FOK), Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava, State Philharmonic Brno, and others.

But since her very beginnings, Iva’s passion has focused on chamber music, which eventually became the centre of her artistic work. Following her short teaching career engagement in the State Conservatory in Zilina in Slovakia, she became a lecturer of chamber music and piano accompaniment at Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno. As a member of the Union of Czechoslovak composers and concert performers, Iva performed regularly in various concert stages, also frequently premiered new compositions of contemporary composers. In the course of her artistic and pedagogical activities it did not take long for Iva to become a sought-after and appreciated piano partner. Radio and television recordings as well as several CDs followed.

In 1989 Iva Navratova was appointed as a teacher at the State University of Music in Trossingen, Germany. Thanks to her artistic talents, high virtuosity and competence in the field of chamber music and solo accompaniment, she has become a highly valued key partner. Iva has also been of intermittent support to different music departments in other renowned Universities of Music in Stuttgart, Detmold, Weimar, and Leipzig, Germany; and in the latter of which she now found her current home.