Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Here begins a country, Portugal, a region, the Algarve, land of multiple cultural influences. Its location as a borderland territory, has given it a cosmopolitan vibrancy since its inception; the essence of Al Garb and of Andalus.

Conservatório Regional de Vila Real de Santo António

The Associação do Conservatório Regional de Música de Vila Real de Santo António (COREVRSA) is a non-profit socio-cultural association founded in 2001, which was completely reorganized in 2017.

The COREVRSA intends to be a creative and dynamic association, that promotes artistic life in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Its main function is to encourage students and their taste for music, to contribute to the wakening of their skills and to foster the training of properly qualified musicians. COREVRSA also aims to be a crucial cornerstone in a kind of education that seeks to be integral. Part of its mission has to do with the creation of musical environments that truly stimulate personal, social and educational learning, being at the same time places of welcoming human relations and positive values.

The Associação do Conservatório supports the 1st International Masterclasses of Music Interpretation, in order to promote and give international visibility to musical education and cultural life, especially erudite music, in the southeast region of Portugal

Director of the Association COREVRSA: Isaura Santos